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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

I have recently seen the trailor for the movie, The Time Traveler's Wife, that is based on the book of the same title by Audrey Niffenegger. This prompted me to move the novel to the top of my TBR pile. I just finished reading it last week, and I must say I enjoyed it far more than I had imagined that I would. You have to pay close attention to the ages of the characters in the notations that precede each chapter, or you may have some trouble making sense of events and the order in which they occur. I found the idea of time-travel being a genetic characteristic quite interesting and unique. The book was very well-written, and once I began reading I found myself loathe to stop until I had read it cover-to-cover. The plot, despite its underlying characteristics of science fiction, was actually quite plausible. The characters were very realistic and well-defined, allowing the reader to paint a clear image in his/her head of each of them at various ages throughout the novel. I would definitely recommend this book to others. As for the movie, I have yet to see it and am not entirely sure that I want to. I've rarely found a movie that does a book justice, and rather like my own mental images that were drawn during the reading of the novel.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My TBR (To Be Read) List

Well this is it (so far) -- the list of all the books I own that I've yet to read. I'm knocking quite a few titles out lately, as I don't feel like doing much else other than reading. However, a lot of these books are parts of series and I'm anal about not reading them until I own them all which makes for a HUGE collection. LOL Anyway, this will be continuously updated as I read/obtain more.

Adair, Cherry Night Secrets
Adair, Cherry Red Hot Santa
Alden, Jami Delicious
Alexander, Hannah Under Suspicion
Alexander, Meg The Rebellious Debutante
Alexander, Victoria The Husband List
Alexander, Victoria When We Meet Again
Amarillas, Susan Scanlin's Law
Ames, Laurel Besieged
Ames, Laurel Castaway
Ames, Laurel Homeplace
Ames, Laurel Infamous
Ames, Laurel Playing to Win
Ames, Laurel Tempted
Anderson, Catherine Baby Love
Anderson, Catherine Blue Skies
Anderson, Catherine Coming Up Roses
Anderson, Catherine Cry of the Wild
Anderson, Catherine Forever After
Anderson, Catherine My Sunshine
Anderson, Catherine Phantom Waltz
Anderson, Catherine Seventh Heaven
Anderson, Catherine Simply Love
Andrews, Lori Sequence
Anthology Secrets Volumes 11 and 12
Anton, Shari Emily's Captain
Anton, Shari The Ideal Husband
Anton, Sheri By King's Decree
Anton, Sheri The Conqueror
Apodaca, Jennifer The Sex on the Beach Book Club
Archer, Catherine Fire Song
Archer, Catherine Lord Sin
Arthur, Keri Dangerous Games
Arthur, Keri Full Moon Rising
Arthur, Keri Kissing Sin
Arthur, Keri Tempting Evil
Arthur, Keri The Darkest Kiss
Ash, Jeneshi Chain Reaction
Ashley, Amanda Desire After Dark
Ashley, Jennifer Christmas Cards from the Edge
Ashley, Jennifer Highlander Ever After
Ashley, Jennifer Immortals: The Calling
Ashley, Jennifer Immortals: The Gathering
Ashley, Jennifer Immortals: The Reckoning
Ashley, Jennifer The Mad, Bad Duke
August, Elizabeth Pirate Bride
Austin, Cassandra Cally and the Sheriff
Austin, Cassandra Heart and Home
Austin, Cassandra The Unlikely Wife
Austin, Lynn Candle in the Darkness
Avery, Anne The Bride's Revenge
Baker, Madeline Chase the Wind
Baker, Madeline Hawk's Woman
Baker, Madeline Lacey's Way
Baldacci, David The Simple Truth
Bangs, Nina An Original Sin
Bangs, Nina From Boardwalk With Love
Bangs, Nina Master of Ecstasy
Bangs, Nina Night Bites
Bangs, Nina One Bite Stand
Bangs, Nina Paradise
Bangs, Nina Pleasure Master
Bangs, Nina Seduction by Chocolate
Bangs, Nina Unwrapped
Banning, Lynna Plum Creek Bride
Banning, Lynna The Law and Miss Hardison
Banning, Lynna The Ranger and the Redhead
Banning, Lynna The Scout
Banning, Lynna Western Rose
Barclay, Suzanne Knight Dreams
Barclay, Suzanne Knights Divided
Barclay, Suzanne Lion of the North
Barclay, Suzanne Lion's Heart
Barclay, Suzanne Lion's Lady
Barr, Nevada High Country
Barron, Melinda Graceful Submission
Bartlett, Anne Knitting
Beaumont, Nina Sapphire Magic
Beaumont, Nina Tapestry of Dreams
Belmont, Kathryn Mission of Mercy
Belmont, Kathryn The Fugitive Heart
Bennett, Sara Rules of Passion
Bernard, Renee A Lady's Pleasure
Betts, Lucinda Night Spell
Bicos, Olga More Than Magic
Bicos, Olga Shattered
Binchy, Maeve Echoes
Binchy, Maeve Firefly Summer
Binchy, Maeve Light a Penny Candle
Binchy, Maeve Nights of Rain and Stars
Binchy, Maeve Quentins
Binchy, Maeve Quentins
Binchy, Maeve Silver Wedding
Binchy, Maeve The Copper Beech
Binchy, Maeve The Glass Lake
Binchy, Maeve This Year It Will Be Different
Bingham, Lisa The Other Groom
Birdsell, Donna Falcon's Mistress
Bishop, Anne Dreams Made Flesh
Bishop, Anne Sebastian
Bishop, Anne Shadows and Light
Bishop, Anne The House of Gaian
Bishop, Anne The Pillars of the World
Bittner, Rosanne Caress
Bittner, Rosanne Destiny's Dawn
Bittner, Rosanne Full Circle
Bittner, Rosanne Savage Destiny: Climb the Highest Mountain
Bittner, Rosanne Savage Destiny: Ride the Free Wind
Bittner, Rosanne Savage Destiny: Sweet Prairie Passion
Black, Jaid Enslaved
Black, Shayla Decadent
Blackstock, Terri Cape Refuge
Blackstock, Terri River's Edge
Blackstone, Terri Broken Wings
Blair, Catherine Devil Wind
Blake, Jennifer With a Southern Touch
Bliss, Lauralee Behind the Mask
Bolen, Cheryl A Duke Deceived
Bolen, Cheryl A Fallen Woman
Boyle, Elizabeth Brazen Angel
Boyle, Elizabeth Brazen Heiress
Boyle, Elizabeth Brazen Temptress
Boyle, Elizabeth His Mistress by Morning
Bradford, Barbara Taylor A Woman of Substance
Bradley, Eden Forbidden Fruit
Bradley, Shelley A Christmas Promise
Bradley, Shelley Bound and Determined
Bradley, Shelley His Lady Bride
Bradley, Shelley His Rebel Bride
Bradley, Shelley His Stolen Bride
Brandewyne, Rebecca And Gold Was Ours
Brandewyne, Rebecca Beyond the Starlit Frost
Brandewyne, Rebecca Destiny's Daughter
Brandewyne, Rebecca Dust Devil
Brandewyne, Rebecca Glory Seekers
Brandewyne, Rebecca Heartland
Brandewyne, Rebecca Love Cherish Me
Brandewyne, Rebecca New Year's Resolution: Husband
Bretton, Barbara The Reluctant Bride
Bridges, Kate Luke's Runaway Bride
Brisbin, Terri A Love Through Time
Brisbin, Terri A Matter of Time
Brisbin, Terri Once Forbidden
Brisbin, Terri The Earl's Secret
Brockway, Connie All Through the Night
Brockway, Connie Anything for Love
Brockway, Connie Bridal Favors
Bronson, Maureen Ragtime Dawn
Brooks, Alyssa Hide and Seek
Brooks, Cheryl Slave
Burton, Mary The Colorado Bride
Cach, Lisa A Babe in Ghostland
Cach, Lisa These Boots Were Made for Strutting
Cameron, Caryn Braden's Brides
Cameron, Caryn Freedom of Flame
Cameron, Caryn King's Man
Camp, Candace Winterset
Canham, Marsha Across a Moonlit Sea
Canham, Marsha Pale Moon Rider
Carew, Opal Blush
Carl, Lillian Stewart Blackness Tower
Carpenter, S.L. Master of Secret Desires
Carroll, Marisa Tyler: Crossroads
Carroll, Marisa Tyler: Loveknot
Carroll, Susan The Courtesan
Carroll, Susan The Huntress
Carroll, Susan The Night Drifter
Cast, P.C. Warrior Rising
Castle, Linda Abbie's Child
Castle, Linda Heart of the Lawman
Castle, Linda Territorial Brides
Castle, Linda The Return of Chase Cordell
Chambers, Ginger Tyler: Bachelor's Puzzle
Chambers, Ginger Tyler: Courthouse Steps
Chance, Karen Claimed by Shadow
Chapman, Janet Only With a Highlander
Chapman, Janet Only With a Highlander
Chapman, Janet The Seduction of His Wife
Chapman, Janet The Stranger in Her Bed
Chapman, Janet Wedding the Highlander
Chastain, Sandra Sunshine and Satin
Cheney, Sally The Wager
Cheney, Sally Thief in the Night
Childs, Laura Bound for Murder
Childs, Laura Photo Finished
Clare, Pamela Surrender
Clark, Mary Higgins All Around the Town
Clark, Mary Higgins Daddy's Little Girl
Clark, Mary Higgins He Sees You When You're Sleeping
Clark, Mary Higgins Nighttime is My Time
Clark, Mary Higgins Remember Me
Cody, Denee The Court of Love
Cole, Kresley A Hunger Like No Other
Cole, Kresley Dark Desires After Dusk
Cole, Kresley Dark Needs at Night's Edge
Cole, Kresley If You Dare
Cole, Kresley If You Desire
Cole, Kresley No Rest for the Wicked
Cole, Kresley The Captain of all Pleasures
Cole, Kresley The Price of Pleasure
Cole, Kresley Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night
Copeland, Jodi Lynn After Hours
Cordell, Cleo Juliet Rising
Cornick, Nicola The Rake's Mistress
Cornwell, Patricia Blow Fly
Cornwell, Patricia Blow Fly
Cornwell, Patricia Body of Evidence
Cornwell, Patricia Cause of Death
Cornwell, Patricia From Potter's Field
Cornwell, Patricia Point of Origin
Cornwell, Patricia The Last Precinct
Cornwell, Patricia Unnatural Exposure
Coulter, Catherine Blow Out
Coulter, Catherine Born to Be Wild
Coulter, Catherine Calypso Magic
Coulter, Catherine Devil's Embrace
Coulter, Catherine Eleventh Hour
Coulter, Catherine Evening Star
Coulter, Catherine Hemlock Bay
Coulter, Catherine Lord of Falcon Ridge
Coulter, Catherine Midsummer Magic
Coulter, Catherine Moonspun Magic
Coulter, Catherine Night Fire
Coulter, Catherine Night Storm
Coulter, Catherine Riptide
Coulter, Catherine Rosehaven
Coulter, Catherine Rosehaven
Coulter, Catherine Season of the Sun
Coulter, Catherine Secret Song
Coulter, Catherine The Aristocrat
Coulter, Catherine The Cove
Coulter, Catherine The Deception
Coulter, Catherine The Hellion Bride
Coulter, Catherine The Nightingale Legacy
Coulter, Catherine The Offer
Coulter, Catherine The Rebel Bride
Coulter, Catherine The Sherbrooke Twins
Coulter, Catherine The Wild Baron
Coulter, Catherine The Windham Legacy
Coulter, Catherine Wild Star
Cowan, Debra Whirlwind Wedding
Craig, Christie Divorced Desperate and Delicious
Crawford, Dianna Out of the Darkness
Cree, Ann Elizabeth The Venetian's Mistress
Criswell, Millie A Western Family Christmas
Croft, Sydney Riding the Storm
Crosby, Tanya Anne The Imposter Prince
Cunningham, Elaine Elfshadow
Cunningham, Elaine Silver Shadows
Cussler, Clive Atlantis Found
Daheim, Mary Gypsy Baron
Daheim, Mary Improbable Eden
Daheim, Mary King's Ransom
Dale, Ruth Jean Legend
Datlow, Ellen Sirens
Davidson, Carol The Seduction of Shay Deveraux
Davidson, Carolyn Colorado Courtship
Davidson, Carolyn Lone Star Bride
Davidson, Carolyn Loving Katherine
Davidson, Carolyn Runaway
Davidson, Carolyn The Forever Man
Davidson, Carolyn The Midwife
Davidson, Carolyn The Tender Stranger
Davidson, Diane Mott Catering to Nobody
Davidson, Diane Mott Chopping Spree
Davidson, Diane Mott Double Shot
Davidson, Diane Mott Double Shot
Davidson, Diane Mott Dying for Chocolate
Davidson, Diane Mott Tough Cookie
Davidson, Mary Janice Undead and Unappreciated
Davidson, Mary Janice Undead and Unemployed
Davidson, Mary Janice Undead and Unreturnable
Day, Sylvia Pleasures of the Night
Delacroix, Claire Enchanted
Delacroix, Claire My Lady's Champion
Delacroix, Claire My Lady's Desire
Delacroix, Claire Roarke's Folly
Dellin, Genell Comanche Rain
Denison, Janelle Too Wilde to Tame
Denison, Janelle Wilde Thing
Denning, Troy The Veiled Dragon
Deveraux, Jude A Gift of Love
Deveraux, Jude A Knight in Shining Armor
Deveraux, Jude Always
Deveraux, Jude An Angel for Emily
Deveraux, Jude Forever
Deveraux, Jude Forever and Always
Deveraux, Jude High Tide
Deveraux, Jude The Awakening
Deveraux, Jude The Black Lyon
Deveraux, Jude The Conquest
Deveraux, Jude The Conquest
Deveraux, Jude The Enchanted Land
Deveraux, Jude The Maiden
Deveraux, Jude The Mulberry Tree
Deveraux, Jude The Princess
Deveraux, Jude The Raider
Deveraux, Jude The Taming
Deveraux, Jude Twin of Ice
Deveraux, Jude Wishes
Devine, Thea Angel Eyes
Devine, Thea Beyond Desire
Devine, Thea By Desire Bound
Devine, Thea His Little Black Book
Devine, Thea Montana Mistress
Devine, Thea Satisfaction
Devine, Thea Shameless Ecstasy
Devine, Thea Tempted by Fire
Devine, Thea The Forever Kiss
Dodd, Christina A Well Favored Gentleman
Dodd, Christina Close to You
Dodd, Christina Just the Way You Are
Dodd, Christina One Kiss From You
Dodd, Christina Scottish Brides
Dodd, Christina Tongue in Chic
Dodd, Christina Trouble in High Heels
Donati, Sara Dawn on a Distant Shore
Donati, Sara Fire Along the Sky
Donati, Sara Into the Wilderness
Donati, Sara Lake in the Clouds
Donati, Sara Queen of Swords
Douglas, Kate Sexy Beast
Douglas, Kate Sexy Beast 4
Douglas, Kate Wolf Tales 2
Drake, David Lord of the Isles
Drake, Shannon The Lion in Glory
Drewry, Laura The Devil's Daughter
Dunne, Jennifer Fugitive Lovers
Dupree, Madris My Lord Beaumont
Eagle, Kathleen Private Treaty
Eagle, Kathleen The Last Good Man
Eddings, David Belgarath the Sorcerer
Eddings, David Castle of Wizardry
Eddings, David Demon Lord of Karanda
Eddings, David Magician's Gambit
Eddings, David Pawn of Prophecy
Eddings, David The Seeress of Kell
Edwards, Bonnie Midnight Confessions
Edwards, Bonnie Midnight Confessions 2
Edwards, Cassie Eugenia's Embrace
Edwards, Cassie Forbidden Embrace
Edwards, Cassie Island Rapture
Edwards, Cassie Passion in the Wind
Edwards, Cassie Passion's Embrace
Edwards, Cassie Passion's Fire
Edwards, Cassie Passion's Web
Edwards, Cassie Savage Flames
Edwards, Cassie Savage Heart
Edwards, Cassie Savage Honor
Edwards, Cassie Savage Quest
Edwards, Cassie Silver Wing
Edwards, Cassie White Fire
Edwards, Cassie Wild Whispers
Edwards, Kim The Memory Keeper's Daughter
Elliot, Lucy Contraband Desire
Elliot, Lucy Frontiers of the Heart
Elliot, Lucy Passionate Alliance
Elliot, Lucy Private Paradise
Elliot, Lucy Summer's Promise
Elliot, Lucy The Claim
Elliot, Lucy The Conquest
Elliott, Sarah The Rake's Proposal
Ellison, Suzanne Tyler: Arrowpoint
Ellison, Suzanne Tyler: Blazing Star
English, Elizabeth The Border Bride
Evanick, Marcia Wife in Name Only
Evanovich, Janet Manhunt
Evans, Nicholas The Horse Whisperer
Faith, Barbara Gamblin' Man
Farland, David Brotherhood of the Wolf
Faulkner, Gail Hurts So Good
Feather, Jane Almost a Bride
Feather, Jane Chase the Dawn
Feather, Jane Hostage Bride
Feather, Jane Kissed by Shadows
Feather, Jane The Accidental Bride
Feather, Jane The Bachelor List
Feather, Jane The Bride Hunt
Feather, Jane The Emerald Swan
Feather, Jane The Least Likely Bride
Feather, Jane The Silver Rose
Feather, Jane The Widow's Kiss
Feather, Jane Valentine Wedding
Feather, Jane Vixen
Feather, Jane Wedding Game
Feehan, Christine After Twilight
Feehan, Christine Dangerous Tides
Feehan, Christine Hot Blooded
Feehan, Christine Magic in the Wind
Feehan, Christine Oceans of Fire
Feehan, Christine Safe Harbor
Feehan, Christine Turbulent Sea
Feehan, Christine Wild Rain
Feist, Raymond E. Krondor the Betrayal
Ferris, Monica Embroidered Truths
Finch, Carol The Last Honest Outlaw
Fincy, Carol Fletcher's Woman
Fleming, Thomas Remember the Morning
Fleming, Thomas The Wages of Fame
Fluke, Joanne Blueberry Muffin Murder
Fluke, Joanne Lemon Meringue Pie Murder
Fluke, Joanne Peach Cobbler Murder
Fluke, Joanne Strawberry Shortcake Murder
Fluke, Joanne Sugar Cookie Murder
Foley, Gaelen One Night of Sin
Foley, Galen Devil Takes a Bride
Foley, Galen His Wicked Kiss
Follett, Ken Night Over Water
Follett, Ken Pillars of the Earth
Ford, Linda The Heart Seeks a Home
Forster, Suzanne All Through the Night
Forster, Suzanne Blush
Forster, Suzanne Come Midnight
Forster, Suzanne Sinful
Foster, L.L. Servant: The Awakening
Foster, Lori All I Want for Christmas
Foster, Lori Annie Get Your Guy / Messing Around With Max
Foster, Lori Casey
Foster, Lori Causing Havoc
Foster, Lori Charmed
Foster, Lori Forever and Always
Foster, Lori Heartbreakers
Foster, Lori Men of Courage 2
Foster, Lori My Man Michael
Foster, Lori Say No to Joe
Foster, Lori Say Yes / The Cinderella Solution
Foster, Lori Tempted
Foster, Lori The Winston Brothers
Foster, Lori When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys
Foster, Lori Wildly Winston
Fox, Astrid Cheap Trick
Frank, Jacquelyn Damien
Frank, Jacquelyn Ecstasy
Frank, Jacquelyn Gideon
Frasier, Anne Sleep Tight
Freethy, Barbara Love Will Find a Way
Freethy, Barbara The Sweetest Thing
French, Emily Capture
French, Emily The Wedding Bargain
Friedman, C. S. Black Sun Rising
Gabaldon, Diana Drums of Autumn
Gabaldon, Diana The Fiery Cross
Gabriel, Reese Temporary Slave
Gardner, Kit Island Star
Gardner, Kit The Dream
Gardner, Kit The Stolen Heart
Gardner, Kit Twilight
Gardner, Lisa The Killing Hour
Garwood, Julie Castles
Gates, Kimberly Briar Rose
George, Melanie Gabriel's Heart
Gerson, Noel B. The Highwayman
Gordon, Lucy Royal Harlot
Gracie, Anne Perfect Kiss
Gracie, Anne The Perfect Stranger
Gracie, Anne The Perfect Waltz
Grafton, Sue B is for Burglar
Grafton, Sue E is for Evidence
Grafton, Sue F is for Fugitive
Grafton, Sue L is for Lawless
Grafton, Sue N is for Noose
Grafton, Sue R is for Ricochet
Graham, Heather Blood Red
Granbeck, Marilyn Elena
Grant, Laurie Beloved Deceiver
Grant, Laurie Lawman
Grant, Laurie My Lady Reluctant
Grant, Laurie The Duchess and the Desperado
Grant, Laurie The Raven and the Swan
Grant, Maxwell Inherit the Sun
Greenwood, Ed All Shadows Fled
Greenwood, Ed Cloak of Shadows
Greenwood, Ed Shadows of Doom
Greenwood, Ed Stormlight
Gregory, Jill Cold Night, Warm Stranger
Gregory, Philippa Earthly Joys
Gregory, Philippa The Favored Child
Gregory, Philippa The Queen's Fool
Gregory, Philippa The Virgin's Lover
Gregory, Philippa The Wise Woman
Gregory, Philippa Virgin Earth
Gregory, Philippa Wideacre
Grisham, John The Broker
Grisham, John The Broker
Grisham, John The Innocent Man
Grisham, John The King of Torts
Groe, Diana Erin Song
Guterson, David Snow Falling on Cedars
Hagan, Patricia The Desire
Hale, Deborah A Gentleman of Substance
Hale, Deborah The Bonny Bride
Hall, Diana Angel of the Knight
Hamilton, Laurell K. Blood Noir
Hamilton, Laurell K. Bloody Bones
Hamilton, Laurell K. Blue Moon
Hamilton, Laurell K. Cerulean Sins
Hamilton, Laurell K. Cravings
Hamilton, Laurell K. Guilty Pleasures
Hamilton, Laurell K. Micah
Hampton, Paula The Reluctant Tutor
Handeland, Lori Crescent Moon
Harper, Karen The First Princess of Wales
Harper, Madeline Dangerous Charade
Harper, Vonna Bound to Ecstasy
Harrington, Kathleen Warrior Dreams
Harrison, Kim A Fistful of Charms
Harrison, Kim For a Few Demons More
Hart, Arianna Dark Heart
Hart, Carole Pleasure U
Hart, Jillian Cooper's Wife
Hart, Jillian Montana Legend
Hart, Jillian Night Hawk's Bride
Hawke, Morgan Kiss of the Wolf
Hawkins, Karen How to Abduct a Highland Lord
Hay, Suzanne Savage Destiny
Henderson, Beth Reckless
Henderson, Dee Before I Wake
Hendrix, Lisa Immortal Warrior
Henke, Shirl Texas Viscount
Henley, Virginia A Year and a Day
Henley, Virginia Tempted
Henley, Virginia The Raven and the Rose
Herbert, Frank Hellstrom's Hive
Hern, Candice Just One of Those Flings
Herron, Rita Last Kiss Goodbye
Hess, Norah Lark
Higgins, Jack East of Desolation
Higgins, Jack Without Mercy
Higgs, Liz Curtis Grace in Thine Eyes
Hoag, Tami Ashes to Ashes
Hoag, Tami Cry Wolf
Hoag, Tami Dust to Dust
Hoag, Tami Guilty as Sin
Hoag, Tami Lucky's Lady
Hoag, Tami Night Sins
Hoh, Diane Titanic: The Long Night
Holling, Jen My Wicked Highlander
Holly, Emma Courting Midnight
Holly, Emma Fairyville
Holly, Emma Heat of the Night
Holly, Emma Hunting Midnight
Holoquist, Diana Sexiest Man Alive
Hood, Alaine Unnatural Selection
Howard, Linda Kiss Me While I Sleep
Howard, Teresa Cherokee Embrace
Howell, Hannah Highland Promise
Howell, Hannah Highland Thirst
Howell, Hannah Highland Wolf
Hoyt, Elizabeth The Raven Prince
Hunt, Angela Elwell The Silver Sword
Hunter, Dia The Gentle Season
Hunter, Jillian Fairy Tale
Hunter, Jillian The Love Affair of an English Lord
Hunter, Jillian The Seduction of an English Scoundrel
Hunter, Jillian The Sinful Nights of a Nobleman
Hunter, Jillian The Wicked Games of a Gentleman
Hunter, Madeline Lord of Sin
Hunter, Madeline The Rules of Seduction
Huntington, Kate To Tempt a Gentleman
Iles, Greg Black Cross
Iles, Greg Spandau Phoenix
Iles, Greg The Footprints of God
Iles, Greg The Quiet Game
Ireland, Liz A Cowboy's Heart
Ireland, Liz Cecilia and the Stranger
Ireland, Liz Millie and the Fugitive
Ireland, Liz Prim and Proper
James, Allyson Dragon Heat
James, Eloisa Duchess in Love
James, Eloisa Pleasure for a Princess
James, Kristin Satan's Angel
James, Kristin The Yankee
James, Leigh Franklin The Hawk and the Dove
James, Leigh Franklin Wings of the Hawk
Janzen, Tara Crazy Hot
Jarnette, Harriette de The Passion Stone
Jarrett, Miranda Providence
Jarrett, Miranda Spindrift
Jarrett, Miranda The Duke's Gamble
Jarrett, Miranda The Golden Lord
Jeffries, Sabrina A Dangerous Love
Jeffries, Sabrina After the Abduction
Jeffries, Sabrina Beware a Scot's Revenge
Jeffries, Sabrina One Night With a Prince
Jeffries, Sabrina Only a Duke Will Do
Jeffries, Sabrina The School for Heiresses
Jeffries, Sabrina To Pleasure a Prince
Jensen, Muriel Tyler: Milky Way
Johansen, Iris And Then You Die
Johansen, Iris Blue Skies and Shining Promises
Johansen, Iris Body of Lies
Johansen, Iris Countdown
Johansen, Iris Dead Aim
Johansen, Iris Fatal Tide
Johansen, Iris Final Target
Johansen, Iris Fire Storm
Johansen, Iris Lion's Bride
Johansen, Iris Long After Midnight
Johansen, Iris Matilda the Adventuress
Johansen, Iris Midnight Warrior
Johansen, Iris No One to Trust
Johansen, Iris One Touch of Topaz
Johansen, Iris Reap the Wind
Johansen, Iris Stalemate
Johansen, Iris Star Light Star Bright
Johansen, Iris Storm Winds
Johansen, Iris Stormy Vows
Johansen, Iris Tender Savage
Johansen, Iris The Beloved Scoundrel
Johansen, Iris The Face of Deception
Johansen, Iris The Forever Dream
Johansen, Iris The Golden Barbarian
Johansen, Iris The Killing Game
Johansen, Iris The Magnificent Rogue
Johansen, Iris The Search
Johansen, Iris The Tiger Prince
Johansen, Iris The Wind Dancer
Johansen, Iris Touch the Horizon
Johansen, Iris White Satin
Johansen, Iris Wild Silver
Johansen, Iris Winter Bride
Johnson, Jean The Wolf
Johnson, Sophia Risk Everything
Johnson, Susan A Touch of Sin
Johnson, Susan Again and Again
Johnson, Susan Brazen
Johnson, Susan Forbidden
Johnson, Susan Force of Nature
Johnson, Susan Golden Paradise
Johnson, Susan Legendary Lover
Johnson, Susan Love Storm
Johnson, Susan Outlaw
Johnson, Susan Perfect Kisses
Johnson, Susan Temporary Mistress
Johnson, Susan Twin Peaks
Johnson, Susan When Someone Loves You
Johnson, Susan Wicked
Johnston, Joan A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Johnston, Joan Abduction and Seduction
Johnston, Joan Comanche Woman
Johnston, Joan Frontier Woman
Johnston, Joan Hawk's Way Bachelors
Johnston, Joan Hawk's Way Brides
Johnston, Joan Hawk's Way Rogues
Johnston, Joan Hawk's Way: The Substitute Groom
Johnston, Joan Honey and the Hired Hand
Johnston, Joan I Promise
Johnston, Joan Marriage by the Book
Johnston, Joan Never Tease a Wolf
Johnston, Joan Sweetwater Seduction
Johnston, Joan The Bodyguard
Johnston, Joan The Bridegroom
Johnston, Joan The Loner
Johnston, Joan The Men of Bitter Creek
Johnston, Joan The Next Mrs. Blackthorne
Johnston, Joan The Price
Johnston, Joan The Rivals
Johnston, Joan The Texan
Jordan, Nicole Desire
Jordan, Nicole Ecstasy
Jordan, Nicole Lord of Seduction
Jordan, Nicole The Passion
Jordan, Nicole The Prince of Pleasure
Jordan, Nicole The Seduction
Jordan, Nicole The Warrior
Jordan, Nicole Touch Me With Fire
Jordan, Penny Silver
Jordan, Robert Winter's Heart
Justiss, Julia My Lady's Trust
Kalogridis, Jeanne The Borgia Bride
Karon, Jan A Light in the Window
Karon, Jan At Home in Mitford
Karon, Jan These High Green Hills
Kauffman, Donna The Black Sheep and the Princess
Kava, Alex A Perfect Evil
Kearney, Susan The Challenge
Kearney, Susan The Dare
Kearney, Susan The Quest
Keast, Karen China Star
Kelley, Karen Southern Comfort
Kelly, Leslie Her Last Temptation
Kendall, Janet Hunter of My Heart
Kent, Alison Wicked Games
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Acheron
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Big Guns Out of Uniform
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Dance With the Devil
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Dark Side of the Moon
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Dead After Dark
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Fantasy Lover
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Kiss of the Night
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Night Embrace
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Night Play
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Night Pleasures
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Seize the Night
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Tapestry
Kenyon, Sherrilyn The Dream-Hunter
Kenyon, Sherrilyn Unleash the Night
Kenyon, Sherrilyn What Dreams May Come
Kernan, Jenna The Trapper
King, Sherri L. His Fantasies, Her Dreams
King, Sherri L. White Hot Holidays Vol. 2
King, Stephen The Green Mile
King, Zalman Another Woman's Lipstick
Kingsbury, Karen Divine
Kingsbury, Karen Even Now
Kingsley, Kate Season of Storms
Kingsley, Kate The River Sprite
Kinsale, Laura Flowers From the Storm
Kinsale, Laura The Dream Hunter
Kinsale, Laura The Hidden Heart
Kinsale, Laura The Shadow and the Star
Kleypas, Lisa Only With Your Love
Kleypas, Lisa Scandalin Spring
Knight, Angela Master of the Moon
Knight, Angela Master of the Night
Knight, Angela Master of Wolves
Knight, Angela Over the Moon
Knight, Kristie Dylan's Honor
Knight, Kristie No Man's Fortune
Knight, Kristie The Garden Path
Koontz, Dean The Husband
Kozak, P.F. Passion
Kozak, P.F. Take Me There
Krinard, Susan Kinsman's Oath
Krinard, Susan Lord of the Beasts
Krinard, Susan Once a Wolf
Krinard, Susan Prince of Dreams
Krinard, Susan Prince of Wolves
Krinard, Susan Star-Crossed
Krinard, Susan The Forest Lord
Krinard, Susan To Catch a Wolf
Krinard, Susan To Tame a Wolf
Lackey, Mercedes Bardic Voices: The Lark and the Wren
Lackey, Mercedes The Robin and the Kestrel
Lackey, Mercedes Winds of Change
Lackey, Mercedes Winds of Fury
Ladley, Titania Jennie in a Bottle
LaFoy, Leslie The Rogue's Bride
Lamb, Wally She's Come Undone
Landis, Jill Marie After All
Landis, Jill Marie Come Spring
Landis, Jill Marie Jade
Landis, Jill Marie Magnolia Creek
Landis, Jill Marie Rose
Landis, Jill Marie Summer Moon
Landis, Jill Marie The Orchid Hunter
Landon, Juliet His Duty, Her Destiny
Landon, Juliet One Night in Paradise
Lane, Elizabeth Birds of Passage
Lane, Elizabeth MacKenna's Promise
Lane, Elizabeth My Lord Savage
Langan, Ruth Badlands Legend
Langan, Ruth Blackthorne
Langan, Ruth Briana
Langan, Ruth Conor
Langan, Ruth Deception
Langan, Ruth Highland Barbarian
Langan, Ruth Highland Fire
Langan, Ruth Highland Heather
Langan, Ruth Highland Heaven
Langan, Ruth Malachite
Langan, Ruth One Christmas Night
Langan, Ruth Rory
Langan, Ruth Texas Heart
Langan, Ruth The Highlander
Langtry, Leslie Guns Will Keep Us Together
Lapthorne, Elizabeth Love's Payback
Lapthorne, Elizabeth Wolf's Passion
Larkin, Rochelle Golden Days Silver Nights
Laurens, Stephanie On a Wild Night / On a Wicked Dawn
Lawrence, Rae Satisfaction
Lee, Jade Desperate Tigress
Lee, Jade Devil's Bargain
Lee, Rebecca Hagan Always a Lady
Lee, Rebecca Hagan Barely a Bride
Lee, Rebecca Hagan Hardly a Husband
Lee, Rebecca Hagan Merely the Groom
Lee, Rebecca Hagan Once a Mistress
Lee, Rebecca Hagan Truly a Wife
Leigh, Barbara For Love of Rory
Leigh, Barbara The Surrogate Wife
Leigh, Lora Tanner's Scheme
Lewin, Patricia Blind Run
Lewis, Beverly The Postcard
Lewis, Beverly The Preacher's Daughter
Lewis, Beverly The Shunning
Lindsey, Johanna A Man to Call My Own
Lindsey, Johanna Angel
Lindsey, Johanna Brave the Wild Wind
Lindsey, Johanna Hearts Aflame
Lindsey, Johanna Keeper of the Heart
Lindsey, Johanna Once a Princess
Lindsey, Johanna Say You Love Me
Lindsey, Johanna Secret Fire
Lindsey, Johanna Surrender My Love
Lindsey, Johanna The Heir
Lindsey, Johanna The Holiday Present
Lindsey, Johanna The Magic of You
Lindsey, Johanna The Present
Lindsey, Johanna Until Forever
Lindsey, Johanna You Belong to Me
Linz, Catherine Bad Girls Don't
Liu, Marjorie M. Soul Song
Lloyd, Joan Elizabeth Hot Summer Nights
London, Julia Highlander Unbound
Long, William Stuart The Empire Builders
Long, William Stuart The Settlers
Long, William Stuart The Traitors
Lough, Loree Jake Walker's Wife
Lovelace, Merline His Lady's Ransom
Lovelace, Merline Lady of the Upper Kingdom
Lowell, Elizabeth Beautiful Dreamer
Lowell, Elizabeth Only Love
Lowell, Elizabeth Remember Summer
Lowell, Elizabeth Where the Heart Is
Lowery, Lynn Larissa
Ludlum, Robert Bourne Ultimatum
Ludlum, Robert The Tristan Betrayal
Lynn, Ann Passion's Chase
Lynn, Denise Falcon's Heart
Lynn, Denise Falcon's Honor
MacAlister, Katie Even Vampires Get the Blues
MacAlister, Katie Just One Sip
MacAlister, Katie Light My Fire
MacAlister, Katie Noble Intentions
MacAlister, Katie Sex, Lies and Vampires
MacAlister, Katie The Trouble With Harry
MacGregor, Kinley A Dark Champion
MacGregor, Kinley A Pirate of Her Own
MacGregor, Kinley Born in Sin
MacGregor, Kinley Claiming the Highlander
MacGregor, Kinley Knight of Darkness
MacGregor, Kinley Master of Desire
MacGregor, Kinley Master of Seduction
MacGregor, Kinley Return of the Warrior
MacGregor, Kinley Sword of Darkness
MacGregor, Kinley Taming the Scotsman
MacGregor, Kinley The Warrior
Mack, Noelle Nights in Black Satin
MacKay, Allie Highlander in Her Bed
MacKay, Allie Tall, Dark and Kilted
MacLean, Julianne Prairie Bride
MacLean, Julianne Surrender to a Scoundrel
MacLean, Julianne The Marshall and Mrs. O'Malley
MacNeal, Melissa Hot For It
Macomber, Debbie 204 Rosewood Lane
Macomber, Debbie 6 Rainier Drive
Macomber, Debbie Navy Baby
Macomber, Debbie Navy Wife
Macomber, Debbie Orchard Valley
Macomber, Debbie Promise Texas
Macomber, Debbie Thursdays at Eight
Madden, Mathilde Peep Show
Maguire, Margo His Lady Fair
Maguire, Margo Scoundrel's Daughter
Maguire, Margo The Virtuous Knight
Malek, Doreen Owens Torchlight
Mallery, Susan Justin's Bride
Mallery, Susan Shotgun Grooms
Manning, Jackie Silver Hearts
Marshall, Paula Maid of Honor
Martin, Nancy Tyler: Monkey Wrench
Martin, Nancy Tyler: Whirlwind
Mason, Connie The Lion's Bride
Mason, Connie The Pirate Prince
Mason, Connie The Price of Pleasure
Matlock, Curtiss Ann The Forever Rose
Maverick, Liz Crimson City
Maverick, Liz Shards of Crimson
Maverick, Liz Wired
Maxwell, Cathy In the Bed of a Duke
Maxwell, Cathy The Price of Indiscretion
Maynard, Janice The Perfect Ten
Mayne, Elizabeth Lady of the Lake
Mayne, Elizabeth Lord of the Isle
Mayne, Elizabeth Man of the Mist
Mays, Judy Nibble 'n' Bits
McBride, Mary Darling Jack
McBride, Mary Fly Away Home
McBride, Mary Forever and a Day
McBride, Mary Quicksilver's Catch
McBride, Mary Storming Paradise
McBride, Mary The Fourth of Forever
McCauley, Barbara Callan's Proposition
McCoy, Judi Making Over Mr. Right
McCray, Cheyenne Forbidden Magic
McCray, Cheyenne Seduced by Magic
McCullough, Colleen The Thorn Birds
McFadden, Maryann The Richest Season
McKenna, J.W. Delicious Daydreams
McKenna, J.W. The Politician's Wife
McKenna, Lindsay An Honorable Woman
McKenna, Lindsay King of Swords
McKenna, Lindsay Sun Woman
McLinn, Patricia Widow Woman
McNaught, Judith Night Whispers
McPhee, Margaret Mistaken Mistress
McWilliams, Judith Betrayed
McWilliams, Judith Suspicion
Medeiros, Teresa A Whisper of Roses
Medeiros, Teresa After Midnight
Medeiros, Teresa Breath of Magic
Medeiros, Teresa Charming the Prince
Medeiros, Teresa Lady of Conquest
Medeiros, Teresa Some Like It Wicked
Medeiros, Teresa The Bride and the Beast
Medeiros, Teresa Yours Until Dawn
Meier, Leslie Christmas Cookie Murder
Mellor, P.J. Make Me Scream
Mellor, P.J. Naughty, Naughty
Mellor, P.J. Only With a Cowboy
Michaels, Fern Captive Innocence
Michaels, Fern Captive Passions
Michaels, Fern Captive Splendors
Michaels, Fern Charming Lily
Michaels, Fern Paint Me Rainbows
Michaels, Fern The Nosy Neighbor
Michaels, Theresa A Corner of Heaven
Michaels, Theresa Once a Maverick
Michaels, Theresa Once an Outlaw
Michaels, Theresa Silk and Steel
Michaels, Theresa The Merry Widows
Michaels, Theresa The Merry Widows: Catherine
Michaels, Theresa The Merry Widows: Mary
Michelle, Patrice A Taste for Control
Miller, Cait Finding the Magic
Miller, Judith McCoy Changes of the Heart
Miller, Linda Lael McKettrick's Heart
Miller, Linda Lael McKettrick's Luck
Miller, Linda Lael McKettrick's Pride
Moning, Karen Marie Bloodfever
Moning, Karen Marie Darkfever
Moning, Karen Marie Into the Dreaming
Moning, Karen Marie Spell of the Highlander
Moning, Karen Marie The Dark Highlander
Moning, Karen Marie The Immortal Highlander
Monroe, Lucy Annabelle's Courtship
Monroe, Lucy Tempt Me
Monroe, Mary Alice Girl in the Mirror
Moore, Margaret A Warrior's Heart
Moore, Margaret A Warrior's Passion
Moore, Margaret China Blossom
Moore, Margaret In the King's Service
Moore, Margaret The Norman's Heart
Moore, Margaret The Overlord's Bride
Moore, Margaret The Welshman's Bride
Moore, Margaret Vows
Morley, N.T. Master/Slave
Morrow, Victoria The Eagle and the Dove
Mortimer, Carole Christmas Secrets
Muir, Rae All But the Queen of Hearts
Muir, Rae The Trail to Temptation
Mulligan, Michelle Herrera Juicy Mangos
Mullins, Debra Scandal of the Black Rose
Mullins, Debra Two Weeks With a Stranger
Neggers, Carla Tyler: Wisconsin Weddings
Nichols, Mary Marrying Miss Hemingford
Niffennegger, Audrey The Time Traveler's Wife
Niles, Douglas Darkwell
Oke, Janette Once Upon a Summer
Oke, Janette They Called Her Mrs. Doc
Olmstead, Robert Stay Here With Me
Orwig, Sara Shut Up and Kiss Me
Osborne, Maggie Prairie Moon
Owens, Robin D. Guardian of Honor
Pace, Laurel Destiny's Promise
Pade, Victoria The Doubletree
Page, Sharon Sin
Palmer, Diana Paper Rose
Paolini, Christopher Eldest
Parenteau The Naked Huntress
Parenteau, Shirley Golden Prospect
Parnell, Andrea Aurelia
Paul, Susan Spencer Beguiled
Paul, Susan Spencer The Bride Thief
Paul, Susan Spencer The Captive Bride
Peart, Jane Rebel Bride
Pella, Judith Written on the Wind
Perdue, Lewis Daughter of God
Peretti, Frank This Present Darkness
Perry, Marta Her Only Hero
Perry, Marta Tangled Memories
Peters, Elizabeth The Dead Sea Cipher
Peters, Natasha Dangerous Obsession
Peterson, Tracie Under the Northern Lights
Phillips, Michael A New Dawn Over Devon
Phillips, Michael Heathersleigh Homecoming
Phillips, Michael Legend of the Celtic Stone
Phillips, Michael Wild Grows the Heather in Devon
Phillips, Tori Halloween Knight
Phillips, Tori Lady of the Knight
Phillips, Tori The Dark Knight
Phillips, Tori Three Dog Knight
Pickens, Andrea The Spy Wore Silk
Picoult, Jodi Keeping Faith
Picoult, Jodi The Tenth Circle
Pierce, Barbara Wicked Under the Covers
Pilcher, Rosamunde The Shell Seekers
Plain, Belva Fortune's Hand
Plumley, Lisa The Matchmaker
Plumley, Lisa The Rascal
Pope, Ann Gold Fever
Porter, Donald Clayton Ambush
Porter, Donald Clayton Apache
Porter, Donald Clayton Cherokee
Porter, Donald Clayton Choctaw
Porter, Donald Clayton Creek Thunder
Porter, Donald Clayton Fallen Timbers
Porter, Donald Clayton Father of Waters
Porter, Donald Clayton Red Stick
Porter, Donald Clayton Sachem's Son
Porter, Donald Clayton Seneca
Porter, Donald Clayton Seneca Warrior
Porter, Donald Clayton Spirit Knife
Porter, Donald Clayton Tomahawk
Porter, Donald Clayton War Cry
Potter, Patricia Dragonfire
Potter, Patricia Swampfire
Potter, Patricia The Abduction
Pozzessere, Heather Graham Forbidden Fire
Putney, M.J. Stolen Magic
Quick, Amanda Dangerous
Quick, Amanda Don't Look Back
Quick, Amanda I Thee Wed
Quick, Amanda Slightly Shady
Quick, Amanda Wait Until Midnight
Quick, Amanda Wicked Widow
Quinn, Julia On the Way to the Wedding
Rabe, Jean Downfall
Rabe, Jean Red Magic
Randall, Melissa Sexually Satisfied
Ranney, Karen An Unlikely Governess
Ranney, Karen Autumn in Scotland
Ranney, Karen One Man's Love
Rawlings, Lousia Autumn Rose
Raye, Kimberly Now and Forever
Reavis, Cheryl Harrigan's Bride
Reavis, Cheryl The Prisoner
Redfern, Elizabeth The Music of the Spheres
Reichs, Kathy Bare Bones
Rice, Anne Exit to Eden
Rice, Anne The Queen of the Damned
Richer, Lois Secrets of the Rose
Robards, Karen Scandalous
Robb, J.D. Born in Death
Robb, J.D. Bump in the Night
Robb, J.D. Ceremony in Death
Robb, J.D. Conspiracy in Death
Robb, J.D. Glory in Death
Robb, J.D. Holiday in Death
Robb, J.D. Immortal in Death
Robb, J.D. Innocent in Death
Robb, J.D. Interlude in Death
Robb, J.D. Judgment in Death
Robb, J.D. Loyalty in Death
Robb, J.D. Memory in Death
Robb, J.D. Midnight in Death
Robb, J.D. Origin in Death
Robb, J.D. Portrait in Death
Robb, J.D. Rapture in Death
Robb, J.D. Seduction in Death
Robb, J.D. Vengeance in Death
Robb, J.D. Witness in Death
Roberts, Doreen The English Wife
Roberts, Nora Black Rose
Roberts, Nora Blue Dahlia
Roberts, Nora Brazen Virtue
Roberts, Nora Carnal Innocence
Roberts, Nora Carolina Moon
Roberts, Nora Charmed and Enchanted
Roberts, Nora Chesapeake Blue
Roberts, Nora Cordina's Crown Jewel
Roberts, Nora Cordina's Royal Family: Gabriella and Alexander
Roberts, Nora Dance of the Gods
Roberts, Nora Dance Upon the Air
Roberts, Nora Daring to Dream
Roberts, Nora Engaging the Enemy
Roberts, Nora From the Heart
Roberts, Nora Genuine Lies
Roberts, Nora Heaven and Earth
Roberts, Nora Hidden Riches
Roberts, Nora Homeport
Roberts, Nora Irish Hearts
Roberts, Nora Key Of Knowledge
Roberts, Nora Key of Light
Roberts, Nora Key of Valor
Roberts, Nora Lawless
Roberts, Nora Midnight Bayou
Roberts, Nora Montana Sky
Roberts, Nora Morrigan's Cross
Roberts, Nora Night Tales
Roberts, Nora Rebellion
Roberts, Nora Red Lily
Roberts, Nora Reflections and Dreams
Roberts, Nora Rising Tides
Roberts, Nora River's End
Roberts, Nora Seaswept
Roberts, Nora Summer Pleasures
Roberts, Nora The MacGregor Brides
Roberts, Nora The MacGregors: Alan and Grant
Roberts, Nora The MacGregors: Daniel & Ian
Roberts, Nora The MacGregors: Serena and Caine
Roberts, Nora The Pride of Jared MacKade
Roberts, Nora The Reef
Roberts, Nora The Stanislaski Brothers: Mikhail and Alex
Roberts, Nora The Stanislaski Sisters: Natasha and Rachel
Roberts, Nora The Villa
Roberts, Nora Time and Again
Roberts, Nora Truly Madly Manhattan
Roberts, Nora Untamed
Roberts, Nora Valley of Silence
Roberts, Willo Davis To Share a Dream
Robinette, Kristen Hell's Belles
Rochon, Farrah Deliver Me
Rogers, Rosemary Lost Love, Last Love
Rogers, Rosemary Surrender to Love
Rogers, Rosemary The Tea Planter's Bride
Ross, Beverlee Annabelle
Ross, Dana Fuller Arizona
Ross, Dana Fuller Celebration
Ross, Dana Fuller Colorado
Ross, Dana Fuller Independence
Ross, Dana Fuller Mississippi
Ross, Dana Fuller Nebraska
Ross, Dana Fuller New Mexico
Ross, Dana Fuller Oklahoma
Ross, Dana Fuller Tennessee
Ross, Dana Fuller Wisconsin
Ross, Dana Fuller Wyoming
Ross, JoAnn Blue Bayou
Ross, JoAnn Far Harbor
Ross, JoAnn Legacy of Lies
Ross, JoAnn Magic in the Night
Ross, JoAnn New Year's Resolution: Baby
Ross, Julia Games of Pleasure
Ross, Julia The Wicked Lover
Rowell, Patricia Frances A Dangerous Seduction
Rowen, Michelle Fanged and Fabulous
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Ryan, Cassie Vision of Seduction
Ryan, Taylor Love's Wild Wager
Ryan, Taylor The Essential Wife
Sala, Sharon Whippoorwill
Salvato, Sharon Donovan's Daughter
Salvatore, R. A. Canticle
Salvatore, R. A. Echoes of the Fourth Magic
Salvatore, R. A. Passage to Dawn
Salvatore, R. A. Streams of Silver
Salvatore, R. A. The Halfling's Gem
Salvatore, R. A. The Silent Blade
Salvatore, R. A. The Spine of the World
Sands, Lynsay A Quick Bite
Sands, Lynsay Bite Me If You Can
Sands, Lynsay Love Bites
Sands, Lynsay Tall, Dark and Hungry
Sands, Lynsay The Accidental Vampire
Sands, Lynsay The Perfect Wife
Sands, Lynsay Vampire Interrupted
Sands, Lynsay Vampires Are Forever
Sattler, Gail Secret Admirer
Sattler, Veronica Jesse's Lady
Sattler, Veronica The Bargain
Saxe, Coral Smith Captured Moment
Schonberg, Susan The Phoenix of Love
Schulze, Dallas Short Straw Bride
Schulze, Dallas Temptations Price
Schulze, Sharon Bride of the Tower
Schulze, Sharon For My Lady's Honor
Schulze, Sharon Heart of the Dragon
Schulze, Sharon Lady of the Keep
Schulze, Sharon The Hidden Heart
Schulze, Sharon The Shielded Heart
Schwab, Sandra Bewitched
Schwab, Sandra The Lily Brand
Scott, Amanda Border Fire
Scott, Amanda Highland Princess
Scott, Amanda Highland Secrets
Scott, Amanda Highland Spirits
Scott, Amanda Lord of the Isles
Scott, DeLoras Bittersweet
Scott, DeLoras Fire and Ice
Scott, DeLoras Garters and Spurs
Scott, DeLoras Rogue's Honor
Scott, DeLoras Spitfire
Scott, DeLoras The Devil's Kiss
Scott, DeLoras The Miss and the Maverick
Seger, Maura The Lady and the Laird
Seger, Maura The Taming of Amelia
Seton, Anna Dragonwyck
Seymour, Ana A Family for Carter Jones
Seymour, Ana Angel of the Lake
Seymour, Ana Father for Keeps
Seymour, Ana Frontier Bride
Seymour, Ana Jeb Hunter's Bride
Seymour, Ana Lord of Lyonsbridge
Seymour, Ana Moonrise
Seymour, Ana The Rogue
Shalvis, Jill Strong and Sexy
Shannon, Colleen Heaven's Hero
Shaw, Linda Odessa Gold
Shay, Katheryn After the Fire
Sheldon, Sidney A Stranger in the Mirror
Sheldon, Sidney Master of the Game
Sheldon, Sidney Morning Noon and Night
Sheldon, Sidney Rage of Angels
Sheldon, Sidney The Naked Face
Sheldon, Sidney The Sky is Falling
Sheldon, Sidney The Stars Shine Down
Shiplett, June Lund Boston Renegade
Shiplett, June Lund Sweet Vengeance
Showalter, Gena Awaken Me Darkly
Showalter, Gena Playing With Fire
Showalter, Gena The Darkest Night
Showalter, Gena The Nymph King
Showalter, Gena The Pleasure Slave
Showalter, Gena The Stone Prince
Siddons, Anne Rivers Downtown
Siddons, Anne Rivers King's Oak
Siddons, Anne Rivers Peachtree Road
Silver, Eve Dark Desires
Simmons, Deborah Fortune Hunter
Simmons, Deborah Maiden Bride
Simmons, Deborah Robber Bride
Simmons, Deborah Silent Heart
Simmons, Deborah Tempting Kate
Simmons, Deborah The Gentleman Thief
Simons, Paullina Tatiana and Alexander
Simons, Paullina Tully
Simpson, Donna Lea Awaiting the Moon
Sizemore, Susan I Burn for You
Sizemore, Susan I Hunger For You
Sizemore, Susan I Thirst For You
Slung, Michele 12 Erotic Stories
Small, Bertrice A Dangerous Love
Small, Bertrice A Moment in Time
Small, Bertrice Blaze Wyndham
Small, Bertrice Captivated
Small, Bertrice Darling Jasmine
Small, Bertrice Deceived
Small, Bertrice Delighted
Small, Bertrice Intrigued
Small, Bertrice Lost Love Found
Small, Bertrice Rosamund
Small, Bertrice The Border Lord's Bride
Small, Bertrice The Dragon Lord's Daughters
Small, Bertrice The Duchess
Small, Bertrice The Kadin
Small, Bertrice The Twilight Lord
Small, Bertrice This Heart of Mine
Small, Bertrice Unconquered
Small, Bertrice Until You
Smith, Barbara Dawson With All My Heart
Snelling, Lauraine A Dream to Follow
Snelling, Lauraine An Untamed Land
Snelling, Lauraine Blessing in Disguise
Snelling, Lauraine Daughter of Twin Oaks
Soarde, Nikki Redeeming Alec
Sparks, Nicholas At First Sight
Sparks, Nicholas True Believer
Speer, Flora Rose Red
Spindler, Erica Shocking Pink
St. John, Cheryl Joe's Wife
St. John, Cheryl The Mistaken Widow
St. John, Cheryl The Tenderfoot Bride
Stacy, Judith The Blushing Bride
Stacy, Judith The Dreammaker
Stacy, Judith The Marriage Mishap
Stacy, Judith The One Month Marriage
Stacy, Judith Written in the Heart
Staub, Wendy Corsi Don't Scream
Steel, Danielle Season of Passion
Steel, Danielle The Kiss
Steel, Danielle The Ranch
Stephens, Jeanne Wild Horizons
Stockham, Kay Man With a Past
Stone, Katherine Pearl Moon
Stone, Katherine Thief of Hearts
Stone, Lyn Marrying Mischief
Stone, Lyn The Highland Wife
Stone, Lyn The Quest
Stone, Lyn The Scot
Stone, Lyn The Wicked Truth
Strong, Jory Carnival Tarot
Stuart, Anne Shadows at Sunset
Stuart, Anne Still Lake
Summers, Jackie Embrace the Dawn
Sunny Mona Lisa Craving
Tademy, Lalita Cane River
Tetel, Julie Simon's Lady
Tetel, Julie Sweet Sensations
Tetel, Julie Sweet Suspicions
Thompson, Claire Pleasure Planet
Thompson, Ronda Call of the Moon
Thompson, Ronda The Cursed One
Thompson, Ronda The Dark One
Thompson, Ronda The Untamed One
Thornton, Claire The Abducted Heiress
Thornton, Claire The Defiant Mistress
Tracy, Pat Beloved Outlaw
Tracy, Pat Burke's Rules
Tracy, Pat Cade's Justice
Tracy, Pat Hunter's Law
Tracy, Pat The Flaming
Trapp, Jessica Master of Pleasure
Trent, Lynda Heaven's Embrace
Trent, Lynda Rachel
Trent, Lynda The Black Hawk
Valdal, Alice Her One and Only
Valdez, Lisa Passion
Valentine, Terri Sands of Time
Vaughan, Elizabeth Warprize
Vaughan, Elizabeth Warsworn
Walker, Saskia Double Dare
Walker, Shiloh Hunters: Heart and Soul
Warren, Christine Wolf at the Door
Warren, Pat Tyler: Bright Hopes
Warren, Pat Tyler: Sunshine
Watson, Jan Troublesome Creek
Weber, David Oath of Swords
Weber, David Wind Rider's Oath
Weis, Margaret Dragons of Spring Dawning
Weis, Margaret Time of the Twins
Welfonder, Sue-Ellen Knight in My Bed
Welfonder, Sue-Ellen Master of the Highlands
Welfonder, Sue-Ellen Until the Knight Comes
Welfonder, Sue-Ellen Wedding for a Knight
White, Sasha Lush
White, Sasha Wicked
Whiteside, Diana The Switch
Whitfield, Isabel Bodie Bride
Whitfield, Isabel Silver Fury
Whitney, Phyllis A. Rainsong
Wiggs, Susan The Firebrand
Wilde, Lauren Someone to Hold
Wilder, Andrea Fearless
Williams, Bronwyn Blackstone's Bride
Williams, Bronwyn Dandelion
Williams, Bronwyn Gideon's Fall
Williams, Bronwyn Stormwalker
Williams, Bronwyn The Mariner's Bride
Williams, Bronwyn White Witch
Willig, Lauren The Masque of the Black Tulip
Willig, Lauren The Secret History of the Pink Carnation
Willman, Marianne Rose Red Rose White
Willman, Marianne The Cygnet
Willman, Marianne Tilly and the Tiger
Willman, Marianne Vixen
Wilson, C.L. Lord of the Fading Lands
Wilson, F. Paul Hosts
Wilson, Gayle His Secret Duchess
Wilson, Gayle Honor's Bride
Winston, Anne Marie Lover's Reunion
Winston, Lois Love, Lies and a Double Shot of Deception
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E. Forever in Your Embrace
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E. Petals on the River
Woodiwiss, Kathleen E. The Flame and the Flower
Woodsmall, Cindy When the Heart Cries
Worth, Lenora A Certain Hope
York, Rebecca Beyond Fearless
Yourke, Erin An American Beauty
Yourke, Erin Bound by Love
Yourke, Erin Desert Rogue
Yourke, Erin Heaven's Gate
Zimlich, Jan The Black Rose